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Damn, I’m not follow enough people on here. Well, if you blog about F1, could you please reblog that post ? I would really appreciate it, and would follow each one of you ! Thanks !

love-christmas: #$@

That´s adorable thank you (again no gif Because iPod but gifs in my hearts ;)) ❤

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Thank you so much *hugs gif i cant put because im on my ipod*

$ = You’re awesome. # = I love your blog. @ = You’re beautiful ! = You inspire me.

jkldhfgjuhsdrgurig thank you so much that’s so sweet you’re the awesome beautiful one dear, have faith in yourself ♡

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2014 Russian GP2 Qualifying : Stoffel Vandoorne and ArthurPic’s equal pole times. 

Anonymous: Hi :) I also want to thank you for uploading the video. I know it would've been hard but just know that you have put a smile on so many faces at a time when we need it. Have a good day!

Well that made my day thank you, I’m glad I did, at least if it is even just for one person, I do hope we do get more smile very soon cause it’s really hard to think about him, even more today. Have a very nice day too anon *massive hugs*